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Est. 1995 Germany

guaranteed quality

Welcome to "haider marketing"

About us

“source to suit” one stop fashion solution is our passion and profession.
GOOD quality, BETTER price and BEST timing services is our professional strength.

With 25 years experience in Apparel manufacturing and trading, we offer individual knowledge
and a global network. The cooperation with well-known brands and corporations has taught us
both standards and the reality of the textile world.

Designers, Buyers and Technicians always presented us with new challenges that had to be overcome.The creative arrangements made by customers have shown us that the search for opportunities never ends. With all our experience we can say exactly what is feasible…

We are committed to our vision of establishing an ethical business standard that promise a safe, sustainable and a rewarding environment for our employees, partners and valued customers.

What we do best




We keep fashion trend in demand develop the product as require and analyze suitable cost and time for the valued Buyer to choose the best.


We carry all sort of sample facility from Selection to Approval for Buyer requirement and satisfaction.


We carry wide range of fabric manufacturer in source from local to abroad to suit Buyer actual requirement throughout the year to cover all sort of fashion in all season.

quality control

We maintain quality as required AQL 1.5, 2.5 or 4 whatever demanded by Buyer and needed for the product.


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Let our team of experts assure your products get from the factory to your Country with air freight or sea freight.

made by skilled people

handcrafted goods